Boise Idaho Mountain Session

Oh my gossssssh. Let me just start of by saying this was one of the best days EVER! On there initial questionnaire they said “We both have a nomad spirit and passion for people. We are actually planning on moving to Australia in December to embark on a humanitarian + travel based + career focused school.” So basically the are moving to Austral to help better our world?! Like whaaaaaat! After I read that I was way obsessed with them and there free, nomad spirits. We met in a parking lot (in between the McDonalds and Walmart, so so classy) and headed off to a beautiful lake in the mountains right outside of Boise. They also mentioned their love for playing the ukulele so naturally they brought it along. We had the best time making up songs and exploring through the mountains. Sav + Zeb DON’T EVER CHANGE!

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