Castaway Portland City Wedding

Jesse and Amanda had a b e a u t f u l industrial city wedding at Castaway Portland. It was a freaking party from start to finish!

Castaway is in the heart of Portland and one of the most amazing old industrial buildings. If you are looking for an industrial vibe and a city wedding, Castaway could be the perfect place! It was built in the 1920s and still has so much of that old character but has been renovated to have modern amenities. Not only is Castaway amazing, but the neighborhood it is in has such awesome locations for pictures including Pomarius Nursery next door.

Amanda called me a few weeks before their wedding and told me about a great prank she was planning on Jesse. She had one of Jesse’s best friends dress up in HER MOMS old wedding dress and surprise him for the first look. Make sure you scroll down to find the pictures! Even after the prank first look, the first time Jesse saw Amanda he started balling. IT WAS SO SPECIAL, and one of the many reasons why I love first looks.

This day was full of laughter, dancing and so so much love. From start to finish you could feel not only the love Amanda and Jesse had for each other, but also how much love everyone had for them! They had 150 guests and over 90% of them had to fly in from different states. If that doesn’t say love I don’t know what does! I absolutely love weddings that show your personality and everything about their day felt like them. Don’t ever feel like you need to impress anyone with stuff that doesn’t feel like you. Stay true to yourself and your relationship, stray away from traditions and make your day about you!

Castaway Portland also has another much more intimate wedding just next door called Blockhouse. Check out a wedding I shot at Blockhouse last year!

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